John Antrobus

John Antrobus (born 2 July 1933) is an English playwright and script writer. He has written extensively for stage, screen, tv and radio, including the epic World War II play, Crete and Sergeant Pepper at the Royal Court. He authored the children’s book series Ronnie, which includes Help ! I am a Prisoner in a Toothpaste Factory.

Antrobus’ plays include The Bed-Sitting Room (1963) (co-written with Milligan) and a sequel from 1983 ; Cane of Honour (1965), Captain Oates’ Left Sock (1969), An Apple A Day (1970) and City Delights (1978). In October 2005, Antrobus and Ray Galton, unveiled their play Steptoe and Son - Murder at Oil Drum Lane at the Theatre Royal, York. The Bed-Sitting Room was made into a film in 1969.